Taxing productivity and savings is counter-productive

Fair Tax will cure our ‘ruinous’ tax code – Alamogordo Daily News

There has been a great amount of discussion about the jobless rate, outsourcing of manufacturing jobs, lack of financing and shortages in state budgets from coast to coast. After all the back and forth, no one even mentions both the culprit and the answer to all of it… Industry is burdened with every conceivable tax our bureaucrats can dream up and they work at it constantly.

Taxing productivity and savings is counter-productive… Multiple billions are spent each year by the IRS and our tax system, stocking our treasury, when we should be using a system that is simple and painless. The Fair Tax will replace every dollar being collected by our ruinous tax code. It will remove the nightmare of the April 15 deadline, bring billions of dollars from offshore to our banks, billions that are presently hidden from the prying eyes of the IRS. It would relieve a too-heavy burden of taxes on all domestic industry and improve their competition with foreign manufacturing.

Don Omey, Alamogordo, NM

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